Yield Management System

The Yield Management System is a system that automatically increases rates when occupancy increases and reduces rates when occupancy decreases. Also, a hotel can set up the system in a way that when occupancy decreases, the rates stay increased. When rates change up and down, the rates adjust automatically on a hotel’s webpage and OTAs.

Key benefits of using Yield Management System:

  • Optimize revenue
  • Automatically increase and decrease rates based on the mathematical formula
  • Sell a hotel room at the right price to the right customer at the right time.

Revenue Management System (RMS)

Revenue Management System (RMS) is a software solution, which allows a hotel’s marketing team to carry out important revenue management tasks more efficiently and effectively. RMS will make use of data from a hotel, from the market, and the hotel’s competitive set, in order to make more informed decisions.

Key benefits of Revenue Management System:

  • Rate Recommendations
  • Knowledge of average compset rate
  • Current market demand
  • Market recovery insights

Benefits of ODISSIA PMS

Yield Management System is FREE to use

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Revenue Management System is FREE to use

RMS is one of the most analytic tools available in the market, powered by Expedia.com, and our clients can use it effectively. 

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Make Smart Decisions and Increase Revenue

A hotel’s marketing team or management can collect valuable information for a better pricing strategy and financial performance. 

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