Online Booking System

Hotel own website is a major source of commission-free revenue for hotel owners. ODISSIA offers a hotel online booking system for a hotel website and all reservations coming from the hotel website are commission-free and reservations are directly synchronized with PMS.

Some benefits of Hotel Online Reservation System:

  • It’s commission-free!
  • Same look & feel as the hotel website, we completely hide our identity
  • Unlimited reservations with Email confirmations
  • Reservations are automatically downloaded to PMS
  • Special facility for best available rates, corporate rates, web special & advance purchase
  • The comprehensive package feature allows for unlimited customers packages bundled with the Room rates, Food & Beverages as well as other amenities and attractions
  • Provision for extra charge amenities and services to sell online with room reservation
  • Allows minimum night on reservations
  • Support all booking control rules for check-in restrictions and check-out restrictions
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support multiple languages
  • Control rates directly from PMS, no need to login to any back office
  • Credit Card Processing
  • PayPal Integration
  • Affordable price point
  • Comes with 24x7x365 days support at no extra cost

As all reservations are commission-free, hotel operators can market their own website too as many customers as possible.

Some usefull tools

Multiple Rate Options

Hotel owners can set up multiple rates, such as Non-Refundable, Advance Purchase Discount, Last Minute Sale and etc.

Set up Promotions

To attract more clients, hotel owners can offer promotions: book 2 nights, get 1 night for free, book 5 nights and get a 50% discount on 2 nights and etc).

Gift Certificate

Another option to generate commission-free sales is to offer a Gift Certificate to hotel clients.

Travel Agency Access

A hotel owner can set up a special access code for a travel agency that can book rooms on a hotel’s website at special discounted rates.

Collect Reviews

Are you interested in what your guests think about your hotel? A hotel owner can collect guests reviews after guests check out. The hotel owners can collect Trip Review and Google Review.

AIRBNB Integration

A hotel owner can connect a hotel website to Airbnb and synchronize inventory and rates to get more bookings.

Why Online Booking System?

Commission Free Bookings

A hotel can get commission-free bookings. We don’t charge our clients for using Online Booking System.

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Increase Sales

Hotel marketers can offer different promotions and gift certificates to attract more clients.

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Improve Performance

Hotel owners can collect guest reviews by a special Email Template for analyzing a hotel performance. 

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Mobile Reservation Booking Engine For Hotel Website

For customer convenience, we introduced a mobile booking engine for your hotel website. This module will be available to all existing online reservation (EIS) customers.

Highlighted features :

  • This smartphone reservation engine works on all the latest cell phones. Including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile OS, Windows 8, Windows 10 & BlackBerry phones.
  • It automatically identifies the source of request as originating from a mobile device to serve a mobile version of the reservation interface
  • Just like your traditional website, we will exactly match the same look & feel for a mobile reservation engine to provide your customers a seamless user experience.
  • The reservation engine works on 2048 bit security encryption for credit card data transfer and will provide the same level of security as your desktop system
  • Each reservation you receive will report you a source of reservation. This will easily identify your mobile customer base
  • Ability to add all extra paid amenities and services to generate more revenue, same as desktop.
  • Desktop-type visibility to avoid Chargeback for clear Terms & Conditions, Cancellation policy & No Show policy.
  • Reservations are synchronized automatically to PMS and will give you special notifications for mobile bookings.

If you are currently our Online Reservation client, please call us to activate this excellent feature for your repeat guests! This feature is currently available at a reduced introductory price. If you are not our Online Reservations client, call us!

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