Hotel Webpage Development

Manage your business with a powerful webpage, online booking system, bilaterally linked to online travel agencies, booking calendar, and other unique features.

Hotel website features

State-of-the-art features

Unique features of a small hotel website management, which include: setting different room prices, bookings calendar, 2-way synchronization with online travel agencies (, Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, etc.). Through iCal manage guest payments, charge for various hotel services, and etc.

  • Online bookings
  • Online payments (eg Woocommerce + Plug & Pay)
  • Booking calendar
  • Check free and occupied rooms
  • Set seasonal rates
  • Set room prices based on the number of guests
  • Set room prices based on the number of booking days
  • Set different room prices during the week
  • Register other additional hotel services (breakfast, mini-bar, etc.) on the guest card
  • Offer discount via coupon code
  • Offer discounts for regular guests, in percentage or fixed amount
  • Booking Confirmation by email
  • Bilateral synchronization with online travel agencies (, Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, etc.) via iCal, online booking websites will automatically provide/download free rooms and prices and
  • Classification of guests (adult, adolescent, child) when setting prices
  • Determine the minimum and maximum number of guests in the rooms
  • Establishment of taxes (VAT)
  • Manage several hotels in a single space
  • Simultaneous booking of several rooms (group bookings)
  • Create a  profile of a guest and booking history
  • Offer different forms of payments to guests: Online payment, bank transfer, prepayment, hotel payment.
  • Create a restaurant/bar menu
  • Pay for meals/drinks online
  • Other hotel services (fitness, spa, tours, equipment rental, etc.); Create pages and set down the fee to the guest card
  • Adapted to mobile devices

Booking calendar

Unique booking calendar, where full booking information and statuses are given: ‘Pending for confirmation’, ‘Confirmed’, ‘Canceled’. You can also add received bookings to the booking calendar.

Wide Choice of Pricing

Our booking system offers several options for setting room prices: Determine fixed room prices or different prices for the week,  prices according to the number of guests  (ex. 1 Guest =$100, 2 Guests =$200, 3 Guests = $300, or a more progressive version:1 Guest = $100, 2nd  Guest = $80, 3rd Guest = $50, Total: $230).

Offer Various Services

Offer more comfort to your guests – Add different hotel services and determine their prices, for example: breakfast, mini-bar, transfer, etc.

Group Bookings

If you co-work with travel companies or groups, they will be able to check the number of free rooms and book rooms.

Wide Choice of Payments

Offer your guests several payment options, such as: Payment at the hotel – If you do not want guests to pay online, you can offer payment upon arrival at the hotel.

Visitor’s Profile on the Website

Give guests the opportunity to register on the website and make bookings online, check booking data.