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Improve your daily activities with the hotel management software and take full control over the hotel business. ODISSIA, which is established on the recommendations of business experts, with its rich features, greatly simplifies and improves hotel business management.

ODISSIA understands the dynamics of the hotel industry. To cater to the ever-changing needs of the industry, we have introduced easy-to-use Hotel Management Software (HMS). Often touted as Property Management System in the hospitality industry, it is tailored to the needs of the hotel industry. In it, we offer a comprehensive suite integrated with different hotel management modules.

Some of our modules that come as an integrated out-of-the-box package in the property management software include Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software (Billing Software), Hotel Reception Software and Hotel Accounting Software. All these modules are tightly integrated into the lodging software and come at no additional cost.

Our PMS is available in 22 local languages that include English, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Vietnamese.

Major software interfaces

Booking Engine – Online Reservation for Hotel Website

ODISSIA offers online hotel reservation software for hotel websites. This booking engine is commission-free unlimited reservations from a hotel website. The booking engine is a 2-way connection to PMS. It allows for automatic synchronization of Inventory/Availability, Rate, and automatic downloading of Reservations into PMS. The hotel website booking engine is optimized for standard desktop computers, tablets as well as mobile booking engines at no additional cost. Read more..

OTA Interface – 3rd party reservation website interface

ODISSIA offers direct 2-way connection to all major OTAs like Expedia,,, TravelNow, Priceline, Orbitz, RatesToGo, eBooker, Agoda, Travelocity, etc. As this is a direct interface to PMS so there is no middle layer required, no channel manager software is required, as well as no GDS representation is required. All reservations are delivered to PMS completely commission-free. This no commission-free approach represents a significant cost saving for hotel operators. This OTA interface can be used to manage rates, inventory, and reservations are downloaded automatically to PMS. Read more..

Hardware & Software interface solutions

Signature Pad Interface

ODISSIA offers signature pads and email facilities with its products that allow for a completely paperless office. Instead of signatures from guests on physical registration paper forms, the system can capture digital signatures on signature pad devices and bind them to guest registration forms and folios. This is similar to supermarket check-out counters. Customers can receive copies of documents they sign in an email. At any time after the capture of signature, the forms can be printed with actual images of digital signatures for other usages if required.

Driver License & Passport Scanner

This scanner device can be used to automatically scan all US, Canada, Mexico & around 45 international driver licenses & state ID cards. This device has become very popular hardware among hotel operators as it saves a significant amount of time during the check-in process as well as accuracy in data collection, no typing errors.  This device extracts all 50 state & international driver licenses and it automatically fills registration form with Frist Name, Last Name, City, State, Zip code, country, Driver License / State ID no, ID Expiration date, etc., all in less than 2 to 3 seconds, considerable time savings!

Credit Card Interface

ODISSIA offers integrated credit card processing with all modules, hotel software as well as POS software products. Guest credit cards can be swiped on our three-track swipe card readers for online processing. Manual data entry through the keyboard is not required, except for cases when a card is not present. All credit card data are stored in PCI PA-DSS compliant format. All users of the system can have access to only the last four digits of the credit card. Special users with administrative privileges can access full credit card data if required.

Door Lock Integration

Our hotel check-in software offers integration to various door lock systems to generate automatic keys as soon as customers check-in into the property. This will eliminate the manual key encoding process, remove theft and provide full automation to hotel check-in check-out software. We can integrate any door lock system into our software.

Some of the best features of our PMS

Revenue Management System

Our PMS includes a Revenue Management System that automates the process of using analytics — mainly supply and demand — to determine the right price for hotel rooms to maximize revenue and profitability.

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Integration with Expedia Rev+

ODISSIA PMS is connected to Expedia Rev+ which aggregates and analyzes market data for the next 12 months, providing new insights to help you confidently optimize your rates and reach your financial goals.

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OTA Commission Reconciliation

Every month hotels receive a bill to pay OTA reservations commissions. Sometimes hotels pay more than they should be. We provide OTA Commission Reconciliation feature to reconcile reservations with 1 click.

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Online Check-in

The Online/Contactless Check-In feature allows a guest to perform check-in electronically using his device to maintain social distancing and avoid long queues at the front desk.

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Interface with

Odissia PMS is connected with, a company that provides premium data benchmarking, analytics, and marketplace insights for global hospitality sectors. STR receives data from 68,000 hotels.

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Google Hotel Ads

Would you like to get more bookings? Connect with travelers using FREE booking links on Google. Free booking links appear on the hotel booking module alongside hotel ads when travelers look for rooms at a given hotel.

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