Online Check-in process

The reception staff of the hotel is responsible for the reception and accommodation of the guests, which is the first contact with the guests. Very often the registration of the personal data of members for a group booking in a hotel management program takes a very long time.  Also very often the staff of the reception department during the registration of guests is not able to fully register the necessary and essential information about the guests in the hotel management system.
It is the duty of the General Manager of the hotel to take care of the simplification of the process of receiving and accommodating guests and to reduce the time required for this process.

We offer hotels a novelty – the function of Online Check-in, which bypasses the reception department, automatically registers guest reservations in the hotel management program, and gives the status of ‘checked-in‘.

Online Check-in function has become especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic- hotel staff no longer have direct several minutes contact with guests and the risks of virus transmission are minimized, the quality of guest service in hotels is also being increased.

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We have been using Hotel Desktop Software from ODISSIA for five years and we do not know how we managed the hotel without this wonderful system. The software helps us plan more easily our room allocations and get reservations automatically from online travel agencies. A technical support is amazing!

Paula Bennett
General Manager, Hotel 'Mercure'

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