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Point of Sale Software can be used in the hotel complex for managing a restaurant, bar, sauna, gift shop and other facilities. Odissia provides hotels with a latest restaurant management software recognized by field specialists, with technical equipment and consultation for successful management of business operations.


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Simplicity of Use
  • Control Panel according to the layout of the tables,
  • Control Panel according to program functions,
  • Control Panel according to the restaurant / bar position,
  • Status of the tables on the control panel,
  • Optional table design,
  • Touchscreen module.


Functions of Software
  • Kitchen orders (KOT), Sales,Supply purchase with a single click,
  • Processing selling of products both by hand and with a barcode.
  • wide selection of payment methods, division of invoice,
  • Bill posting to Guest Room Folio in PMS
  • Printing of orders by thermal printer in the kitchen,
  • Printing of receipts by thermal printer for guests.


  • Creating menu according to meal recipes,
  • Complete calculation of recipes,
  • Compositions of ingredients,
  • Different prices of products.


Functions of Back Office
  • Closing the day with a single click,
  • Database archiving, restoration,
  • Crossing off the rights to access the program by the staff,
  • Defining fixed and percentage payments.


Warehouse Management
  • Creating different warehouses (restaurant, bar, verandah and etc.),
  • Creating a supplier profile,
  • Registration of supplied products,
  • Real control of supplies,
  • Determining minimum level of supplies,
  • Transfer of supplies between different facilities.


Accounting, Reporting
  • Daily Sales Report,
  • Supply Report,
  • Sales report according to meal / products,
  • Staff report according to the working schedule,
  • Monthly sales reports.


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