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Online travel agencies (booking com, expedia,, roomfinder, airbnb, etc) play an important role in today's international travel market, and they provide a large part of hotels’ reservation. Under these circumstances, to ensure that hotels have high ratings and leading positions in terms of availability for reservation, it is desirable that hotel manager establish direct communication with online travel agencies. ODISSIA provides hotel support with zero commission fee.

Main functions and advantages
  • Hotel reservation by all agencies 24/7,
  • Reservation and guest profile loading in the hotel program from the website of the Agency, .
  • 24 hour technical support,
  • $0 commission from Odissia, only fixed fee

Inventory Synchronization

Quantity of rooms’ numbers will automatically synchronize with online travel agencies in the hotel program and your partner online travel agency will have the real picture about the rooms available in your hotel at any moment.

This excludes excessive reservations and you will have the chance to fully occupy your hotel. At any time you can limit the number of rooms directly through your program.

We update information between the program and the Online Travel Agency with a 1 minute interval, which is actually impossible for companies providing similar services.

Reservation Download

The main charm of 2 way synchronization is that the information about the reservations received from Online Travel Agencies is fully loading into the program. And the operator must give a specific room number with only single clock. Under this system the hotel is protected from overbooking and loss of full information about reservations.

ODISSIA does not charge the hotels for receiving reserves, our service is determined only by fixed taxes.

Hotel managers are making huge savings at this time and most importantly, the hotel reservations are loaded in the program within 2 minutes.

Rate Synchronization

ODISSIA provide a renewal of the room prices in the uninterrupted mode with a 2 way synchronization module between PMS and online travel agency. Rates are updated after 5 minutes after the rates change in the hotel software. We also offer discounts, different types of promotions and synchronization of packages prices.

Through the online reservation module of hotel software you can manage the prices of hotel rooms and make daily changes based on the occupancy of the hotel on the several Online Travel agency website.

Booking Control

2 way interface between hotel and Online Travel Agencies practically excludes the risks of overbooking.

In case if the hotel violates room reservation control, Online Travel Agencies may change the hotel with a penalty.

The hotel software controls the number of reservations in the hotel both in categories and at the time of room reservations.



 ODISSIA provides direct 2 way interface to all major OTAs, GDS & Wholesalers



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