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We offer Cloud Hotel Software to hotels, resorts, motels, inns and guesthouses. Cloud Hotel Software works on latest operating systems and devices, such as: Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, iOS, Android.

Cloud Hotel Software is a hotel management application software, which has the best design unlike other web page applications. Cloud Hotel Software is a full analogue of the desktop version, but we maintain Cloud architecture so that you will get 100% perfect software on all kinds of devices without any installation.

Cloud Hotel Software is exceptionally fast system comparing to other Cloud applications. It is distinguished by its rich user experience, namely, we overcome irritating issues that make the customer feel uncomfortable when using the program.

Cloud Hotel Software has the integration flexibility with OTAs (,,,, etc.). Cloud Hotel Software is also integrated with the hotels’ internet site. We have one of the best infrastructure in the world in order to manage our clients' cloud servers. We will keep all the information provided strictly confidential.


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Advantages of Cloud Hotel Software:
  • No disconnection, no need to re-login, excellent operational speed & rich user experience.
  • No software installation at hotel, the software is hosted at our data-center (In USA), which provides climate controlled environment.
  • System can be used with any Microsoft Windows Computer or Tablets, Apple Mac or iPad and Google Android Tablets.
  • Use from everywhere, either from your hotel or from anywhere in the world.
  • Low setup fees, low monthly fees; Minimal hardware maintenance is required.
  • Automatic updates of software.
  • Free technical support is included. Monthly fee covers costs of technical supports too.


Functions of the hotel management software:


  • Reservations and bookings,
  • Search for reservation,
  • Reservation cancellation,
  • Group reservations,
  • Reservation confirmation
  • Reservation with minimal information,
  • Reservation according to a room type,
  • Hourly, daily, monthly reservations,
  • Different prices and price types according to the reservation period,
  • Room exchange and change.


Functions of reception
  • Assign rooms to guests according to their requirements,
  • Calculating of the number of reservations and bookings,
  • Offering various forms of payment to guests,
  • Preparing guests invoices,
  • Division of invoice/ transferring payment to another room or company,
  • Other Charges (For instance, transfer, laundry service, bar) processing on guest’s card.
  • Check-out guests,
  • Keeping the guest credit card data in the program,
  • Guest Messages records in PMS,
  • Registration of lost and found items in the program,
  • Registration of comments and notes in the program,
  • Guests’ black list message,
  • Guests’ black list notification,
  • Payment for late check-out and processing
  • Give important information to maid.


Groups Management
  • Registration of reservation, check-in and check-outs in one space,
  • Hotel expenses payments of groups and member of group in one space,
  • Hotel expenses payments of groups and member of group in one space.


2 Way Synchronization in the part of the channel manager
  • 2-way synchronization with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs),  
  • Automatic loading of reservation in hotel program,
  • Automatic upload of rates and number of rooms,
  • Creating promotions and posting on the websites of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs),
  • Guaranteed protection from overbooking.


Functions of Housekeeping
  • Distribution of rooms among housekeepers
  • Determination of frequency of cleaning for each room,
  • Giving the status to the rooms (ready, dirty etc.),
  • Planning daily and weekly cleanings.


Accounting, Financial Analytics
  • Wide range of choice of financial date of the day, month and year.
  • Income accounting,
  • Debt accounting,
  • Hotel occupancy rate calculation,
  • Guests’ statistics by countries,
  • Travel agency reports,
  • Online reservation reports.


Functions of Back Office
  • Night Audit,
  • Price management (for instance, seasonal, promotion, discounts, etc.)
  • Determining the privileges of software users,
  • Relations with tourist companies, processing of commissions,
  • Contractual operations.


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2 way synchronisation

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